Grit - Always Reaching Further 

At Grit Coaching, we provide all levels of support to cyclists wanting to become faster, fitter and more knowledgable in the sport of cycling. 

Our Services include;

  • Premium custom programme with high coach interaction 
  • Basic custom programmes
  • One on one consults 
  • Membership option which allows you to come and train with us and access our grit training community.
  • We also run training camps, skills clinics, group workouts.

Our goal is to help you become the best you can be and have a blast while you're working towards your goals.


Custom Detailed Training Programmes

Using WKO5  and Training Peaks analyse and deliver personalised training programmes.


Data Analysis


Using the latest software and expertise we analyse and give feedback based on your training data.

Group Training Sessions/Skills Clinics

We offer a range of group rides, group training sessions and skills clinics.



Community & Support

Grit Coaching is a community of like minded riders with a team mentality. Along with the regular support of your coach, you also get the support of the whole Grit community.


Getting Started with a Grit Coach/Mentor

Step 1

Sign up directly by going to the Personal Coaching page or contact us first to make an appointment via Skype or meet at a local cafe if you are Auckland based and talk through our coaching levels and process.

If you are keen to meet up first, then we go right to step two and answer any questions you might have.

Contact Us Here 


Step   2

We meet up and talk through your specific goals, Training history, Time available to train. Plus a few other key areas to help the coach create an effective plan. 

We also go through our coaching process and software we use to deliver the training programmes and generally make sure we are on the same page. 

As well as cycling and strength and conditioning we also have a range of specialist partners which we have tried and tested extensively. Its all part of our aim to offer solutions and knowledge to any requirement you may have.


Step 3

We set up your Grit Academy account and start to create your training programme with either your own 

Training Peaks account or our programme builder depending on your level of coaching. 

From here we get into the nitty-gritty, and you start your training. We continually evaluate and refine your training. 

As well as use an extensive process for delivering feedback to help you grow and learn as an Athlete. This is where the magic happens! 


The Coaches 

Logan Mort

Head Coach

Logan brings over 15years of racing experience both domestically and internationally as well as a degree in sport and exercise science from AUT University plus the experience of coaching 100+ athletes to success in National and World Age Group Championships, international stage races, ultra-distance events like the Trans-Continental and hundreds of goals achieved in many other events around the world and in NZ.  Logan has ridden just about every event in NZ and knows what is required for all of them.


Emma Hadley

Women's Development

Emma Hadley, the other half of the coaching team, has a real passion for working with female riders to achieve their cycling goals. Along with Mark Taylor from Mt Eden Cycles, she has created a women’s cycling group which has helped 100s of women to get into cycling over the past 3 years. Emma loves all things cycling from road biking, off road mountain biking, gravel adventure to ultra distance cycling events. She offers support and knows how to give you the confidence to achieve even the biggest of goals.


Paul Coles 


Paul Coles has been coached by Logan for over 6 years, and in this time he has developed himself into a real leader of the Grit coaching group. Paul is extremely passionate about helping people improve and gain as much from the sport as he has. "Goal setting, strategic thinking and long term planning are at the core of what I do day to day from a work perspective" Paul believes in working backwards from a goal, deconstructing what it takes to achieve said goal and developing a plan to execute. Paul has had great success both coaching and in his own sporting endeavours. He has completed in a wide spectrum of events from age-group world championships in Perth and France to completing 4laps of Taupo (630km non-stop) in under 25hours. Contact us today if you would like to work with Paul.


Alexander Ray


Alex Ray A.K.A The Grammar Hammer, Has raced all over the world from Australia, U.S and all over Europe. Alex is a green jersey winner in one of the most prestigious race in NZ the Tour of Southland and specialised in Crit racing in the states where he collected many wins. Alex has always been a coach throughout his racing career. Now Alex is focusing on coaching as his own career winds down. He passion is passing on the knowledge and support he has gained from racing at a high level.


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